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The full story of this accident is still materializing, we are attempting to set up a fundraising campaign to secure donations to provide the victim with financial assistance. Read the story below! During a shore dive at Scottburgh main beach on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast of Durban, South Africa, the diver stopped on the way in to pick up some sinkers off of the sea floor. He set his speargun down while he gathered the sinkers and his speargun misfired, sending the spear-shaft into his head. His dive buddy helped bring him to shore where first responders then met them and began to provide care and prepare him for transport. Out of respect - we will keep the diver’s name private until we are able to get in touch with the family. One thing is certain, this is a serious injury. The diver has a family and any donation can help during this process as medical bills and lost wages during an incident like this can add up. If you are a friend or family member of the Victim, please reach out to so we can add you to the campaign and sort out details to release the donations.

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