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  1. Hello, my name is Sebastian Schaefer I'm 31 years old and i'm currently living in Paris, but frequently visit Audierne (Bretagne). I will go to Audierne again this summer and would like to meet some dive buddies for spearfishing. Or if anyone is located in Paris and goes up north for some spearfishing I would be more than happy to join. Warm regards and looking forward to dive with you. Sebastian PS: i'm currently learning french but can only speak basic conversation, so if you speak a little english we should manage 🙂
  2. Hello, Unfortunately i can't speak or read french to check the existing Forum topics. I will visit my girlfriend in Plogoff (Brittany) during end of August approx. 20th of August to beginning of September. Is there any spearfishing around this area possible? Is there anyone available to go diving with? Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Sebastian
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